Concours D'Elegance 2017- A Report

See how he blends into the car See how he blends into the car Evon Vala

I don’t like going to events alone. Actually, I have never gone to any event alone. I’m always dragging a friend or two for company, all the time.

Reason? I could get bored. Or, what if someone splashed my white dress with black currant soda? And if that happens, who will be my aide at the ladies? What if I forgot to carry an essential, you know, a girlfriend will always come to my rescue.

I was looking for someone I would attend the Concours D’Elegance with.

I called Sue.

“Si, I told you I’m going out on Sato, will probably be nursing a hangie on Sunday?

I called Dan.

“I got plans.


“That is that event for the rich people, right?” she replied.

“Ha ha, I’ve heard so. Makes it all the more interesting. Twende.” I told her.

“Aiii, Nah,” Kate said with all the finality, she could muster.

“You will probably meet your future husband there, and he’ll whisk you away in a vintage Volkswagen,” I told her, being persistent, if annoying.

“I’m sure I will meet him at a conference pitching for some Fintech product.”

Seems like she had a future figured out.

Everyone in Nairobi thinks Councours is an event for the rich. Even the dress them this year was “Royal Ascot”. Picture Kate Middleton and the Royal Family and you get an idea of what it was supposed to look like.

So, with all roads leading to Ngong' Racecourse, traffic along Ngong' Road was thick, and we spent more than an hour, roasting under the scorching sun, all the while envying those who decides to ride motorbikes. But soon we checked in.

Few people obeyed the dress code. Most of us slayed in our own individual ways.

Ladies were looking hot. The organizers made the event family friendly, with activities to keep kids busy and a good range of eateries to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

A man with 28 vintage cars

Among the people who stood out is a man who owns 28 vintage cars, but only showed up with four of them. See one of them below.

Austin Princess with Rolls Royce Engine 1962-The owner Magda, owns 28 vintage cars. 

Nyashinski closed the event with a good performance, as he called fans close to the podium. I moved, but the bouncers had very mean stares.

The one who stood across from me, was giving very mean stares to the lady standing next to me, screaming very loudly, as she streamed herself on Facebook video.

Because it is Nyashinski, he had to close with the chart topping “Malaika”, as he left fans begging for more.



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