Cars (2)

The 2017 edition of Councours D'Elegance did not disappoint. All makes of vintage cars were on display. We captured the best. Have a look and pick the best. 


Chevrolet 1953

Austin Princess with Rolls Royce Engine 1962
Owned by mononymously as Magda. 

Alfa Romeo Spider  1972
Owner: Savi Bhogal
If he would sell it, it would fetch Sh 5 million. 
Austin Mini-1000cc
Owner : Vishal Shah 
Bought in 1972
Guess who represented Uganda?
Tanzania too would be left out. 
VW beetle 1983 Convertible
Owner : Walter Serem
Guess who brings the Safari Rally memories back?

I don’t like going to events alone. Actually, I have never gone to any event alone. I’m always dragging a friend or two for company, all the time.

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